Baseball Training: Throw harder, hit further, sprint faster

Hit the ball further. Throw harder. Run faster. Sounds like a baseball player dream right? This can all be easily accomplished through an off-season physical preparation plan. Find out how it can be done HERE.


If you want to hit the ball further, throw harder, and run faster there are certain tools we can utilize in an off-season training regime to accomplish this. The first step is to create a stronger, more powerful swing/player. We want to utilize resistance training in a high low fashion where we target an increase in strength as well as power.


This would involve resistance training paired with plyometrics and ballistic exercises. Two factors we take into account with all of our baseball players include the fact that they are overhead athletes and the demands of the sport are outside of the sagittal plane. Therefore, we stay away from traditional horizontal pressing exercises such as the bench press and perform pressing movements that allow the scapula to move freely such as push-ups and landmine pressing. Next, we want to be able to produce power in the planes that are required by baseball. Traditional strength training programs keep athletes in the sagittal plane. We want to ensure we are training in the frontal and transverse planes. Therefore, many of our power, strength, and core exercises will include lateral and rotational exercises.


Lastly, in order to sprint faster we have to actually sprint. Our sprints need to be aimed at achieving a personal best every time. If we run at 80% of our capacity while doing sprint work, we will never get faster. At Genesis we have laser timers that allow us to push our athletes towards a maximal sprint two times a week. We keep the distance to 10 yards and the reps between 2 and 3. This reduces any risks associated with sprinting longer distances too frequently. In addition, it improves acceleration and is an injury prevention tool against hamstring strains.


If you’re ready to take your baseball game to the next level, we encourage you to book your no sweat intro today! Our fall off-season program will fill up fast.