The 3 Types of Strength You Should Be Training

 Most people think of strength in general terms as how much weight can one lift. Often times if you ask someone why they are lifting weights the answer will be “to get stronger.” However, we must realize that lifting weights not only makes you stronger, but it improves body composition, helps prevent injury, makes you run faster, jump higher, and change directions more effectively. In order to do this, we cannot just train once specific type of strength. If all you are doing is 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps, you are missing out on a host of performance benefits.


There are three types of strength that we train and improve at Genesis. Strength-Speed, Speed-Strength, and Explosive-Strength. All of these can be trained within the same wave in order to maximize results.


Strength-speed is trained with higher intensities at slow velocities. Strength speed helps us build absolute strength, which in turn allows us to increase our speed strength and explosive strength. Strength speed improves the ability to recruit high threshold motor units, which allows us to activate the high force, fast-twitch muscle fibers that are responsible fast sprinting and high jumping.


Speed-strength is performed at intermediate intensities and velocities. Speed-strength utilizes type 2 muscle fibers and teaches us to move at fast velocities. Speed-strength exercises are often performed with accommodating resistance so that we can accelerate through the entire range of motion. Common speed-strength exercises are squats with bands or Olympic lifts such as the hang clean.


Explosive-strength is performed with low intensities and very fast velocities. The development of explosive strength allows us to rapidly create force. Explosive strength exercises are demonstrated through plyometrics.


All strengths must be developed to create a strong, powerful, fast, adaptive athlete.


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