What if there was an effective way to warm-up that increased work capacity, improved body composition, reduced the risk of injury, and strengthened weak areas in a time efficient manner? The good news is there is, and we have just begun implementing these warm-ups at Genesis and the results have been astounding.

I have recently began incorporating new warm-ups at Genesis after listening to a presentation by Matt Wenning. Matt has a Master of Science degree in Sport Biomechanics and has pioneered various training concepts to improve the strength and conditioning of our armed forces. These new warm-ups known as Wenning warm-ups work by pre-fatiguing commonly weak or inhibited muscle groups so that they are utilized more throughout the workout. As a result, lifting technique improves. By focusing on weak areas, the commonly neglected muscles on the posterior side are strengthened and injury rates decrease. The warm-ups incorporate high volume sets done in a short period of time which also improves body composition and work capacity. By incorporating these warm-ups, we get healthier and more resilient individuals.

How does it work? The warm-up is prescribed based on the individuals weakness however as a general rule of thumb most of the population is weak in the hamstrings, glutes, core, scapular muscles, triceps, and rotators. We want to utilize exercises that target those areas for 3 to 4 sets of 25 reps completed within 12 -14 minutes.

Here are 2 example workouts: 1 for upper body and 1 for lower body.

Upper Body: 3 x 25- banded triceps extensions, incline push-ups, banded horizontal row

Lower Body: 3 x 25- banded glute bridge, reverse hyperextensions, kettlebell swings

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