Sleep and Your Performance

We spend so much time trying to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Strategies such as strength, speed, and agility training. Corrective exercises, breathing modalities, foam rolling, stretching, and mobility. All of the aforementioned tools are used to try and develop the highest performing most resilient athletes. However, it is important that we do not neglect one of the most integral factors contributing to performance, SLEEP.

Studies have demonstrated that lack of sleep increase the risk for injuries and decreases athletic performance. In a recent study, researchers examined how sleep restriction effected jumping performance and joint coordination in elite male endurance cyclists.

[1] The researchers found that vertical jump height was significantly reduced by sleep restriction, reaction time was slowed, and coordination variability was increases. The increased variability in joint coordination amongst the hip and knee joint impairs performance.

What this means for athletes is that power will be reduced, reactive time will be slowed, and risk for injury is increased. Lack of sleep puts the team sport athlete at particular risk as success is predicated amongst reacting to variables within their environment. It is vital that all of our athletes try to get 8 hours of sleep especially with the increasing demands of school work and practice as the summer has come to an end.

How are you doing with your fitness and performance goals?

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[1] Mah, C., Sparks, A.J., Samaan, M.A., Souza, R. B., & Luke, A. (2019). Sleep Restriction impairs maximal jump performance and joint coordination in elite athletes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 1-8.

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