As human beings we experience injury in common areas. If we took a poll I would be willing to bet many of you have experienced hamstring strains, hip pain, knee pain, and low back pain. One of the major reasons we tend to see these injuries relates to a compensation issue. Many people substitute lumbar extension for hip extension. Another common issue is utilizing the hamstrings as the primary hip extensor which results in hip pain and hamstring strains. So how do we address these issues? The answer lies in the GLUTES.

The glutes should be the primary driver of hip extension and if they are weak or inhibited many of the aforementioned injuries will occur. The problem is many of us suffer from “glute amnesia” a term used by renowned expert in spine function, Stuart McGill. With all of the sitting in the classroom and at work, our glutes are not working for us as they should. How do we fix this problem? We must retrain the neuromuscular system through glute activation exercises.

It is much easier to accomplish than it sounds. We include glute activation exercises in our warmups here at Genesis. This takes about 3 total minutes, yet the benefits are intangible. Here is a simple routine you can do at home to activate your glutes, improve performance, and rid yourself of low back pain.

1. Banded X-Walks: 3×20 yards leading with the right and then the left leg

2. Mini-Band Glute Bridges: 3×15 reps

3. Prone Single Leg Hip Extension: 3×10 reps each leg

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