Core training is one of the most important aspects of training, unfortunately it is traditionally performed in the wrong manner. Everyone needs proper core training in their workout regime from elite level athletes to the general population.

Most people go about training the core all wrong as they only try to target the rectus abdominals. The rectus abdominals flex the lumbar spine so in essence the majority of the population is training spinal flexion. While traditional sit-ups and crunches may make you feel a burn through those muscle you are leaving many aspects of the anterior core untrained. Neglecting to train core stability puts you at risks for injury and minimizes your aesthetic and functional gains.

Instead of focusing solely on rectus abdominus we must also work the external and internal obliques as well as the transverse abdominis. This will help us prevent injury by stabilizing the spine and will increase athletic performance, specifically power as there will be no energy leaks through the inability to link the upper and lower body. Lastly, if we train all aspects of the anterior core we will see better aesthetic results.

When training the core, you must think of dividing your exercises into three categories.

1. Anti-extension

2. Anti-rotation

3. Anti-Lateral Flexion

At Genesis we perform core exercises at every training session because we know the core is the link to performance and healthy movement patterns. Try out this core workout below and see for yourself the benefits of REAL CORE TRAINING.

Suitcase carry 4×30 yards (anti-lateral flexion)

Alphabet Bands 4x each side (Anti-Rotation)

Deadbugs 4×1:00 min (Anti-Extension)

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