RPR is a system of breathing and wake up drills that we have been implementing into warm-ups at Genesis. It is effective and efficient at immediately improving movement compensations in our clients. Sometimes poor movement patterns can cause pain and limit our performance so RPR is a tool that we use to make a neurological change and reset harmful compensation patterns.

Our muscles, bones, tendons, and fascia are controlled by our nervous system. The nervous system is the base of all movement and performance, so it must be addressed first if we are seeking to fix a movement pattern.

Instead of trying to fix a neurological issue with a movement strategy we can use the RPR system to reset the neurological pattern and immediately increase movement quality and subsequent performance.

We have watched our athletes perform the wake-up drills and gain immediate improvements in range of motion and strength. Furthermore, they feel better after performing the drills and often notice that their minor aches and pains are gone. The immediate results are remarkable, and the best part is the athletes perform the drills themselves! RPR is another great tool we have adopted to improve performance, reduce injury, and keep our clients and athletes feeling their best. If you want to know more about the RPR system schedule a no-sweat intro and we can show you how it works!

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