There are a few reasons why you begin an exercise program, immediately lose weight, and then progress stalls. The majority of the time this happens when you are only doing one form of cardio or you are participating in a class that performs high intensity circuits, but they are missing the mark on progressive overload. Your body is an extremely efficient machine. So efficient that exercise and training routines that once caused you to burn weight no longer provide enough stimulus for change. There is nothing wrong with performing cardio or boot camp style classes however you need some sort of progressive overload to continue making progress. This could be changing the volume, intensity, duration, nature of the exercises etc. Unfortunately, many of the corporate group training chains do not incorporate progressive overload into their training for the masses.

At our Genfit classes each workout is different, and our entire program is predicated on progressive overload. We perform a comprehensive warm-up to reduce injury, resistance training, which is the most important component to improving body composition, and metabolic conditioning to burn fat. Our finishers at the end of each workout cause an increase in your metabolism through EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption). In essence we are not only burning fat during the workout but for hours after the workout is over. The longer your metabolism is elevated as you recover from resistance training and metabolic conditioning the more calories you will burn at rest.

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