At Genesis a large portion of our clientele are youth and high school athletes. Many of these athletes are just beginning to train so they have not mastered technique and they lack stability. Furthermore, they need to add strength and muscle size to help prevent injury and improve performance. Tempo reps are one of the tools we utilize with our athletes at Genesis. Tempos increase workload and technique, while developing muscle mass, ligament, and tendon strength.

What are tempos? Tempo refers to the speed at which the rep is being performed. Each repetition is broken down into 3 phases the concentric phase when the movement overcomes gravity or load, the isometric or lowering phase, and the isometric phase when the force the individual exerts is equal to the force of the load.

All 3 of theses phases can be manipulated with time in order to achieve a desired result. With many of our younger athletes we perform slow eccentric or isometric holds in order to improve technique, stability, and increase muscle mass and tendon strength. Manipulating the tempo of a rep allows us to increase the difficulty of a movement without always adding weight.

For example, if we are looking to improve technique and increase muscle mass we may prescribe a dumbbell row with a 4 second lowering phase. Or if we have an athlete who lacks single leg stability we may prescribe a 3 seconds isometric hold during their split squats.

The applications for tempos can be endless and they are an extremely useful tool to add into training sessions.

How are you doing with your fitness and performance goals?

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