In-Season Football Training

Football season is right around the corner. When the season hits how should football players train? Athletes will not be able continue to train with the same volume and intensity used in the off-season or overtraining and injury will occur. It is vital that players maintain their strength or else they will become weaker and slower. Find the right balance to ensure that the athlete maintains their strength without interfering with their ability to practice or play. The goal of in-season training should be to compliment the players on the field performance not detract from it. So how should the training be structured?

Athletes should resistance train at least twice a week during the season. The first training session should occur the day after the game. Training the day after competition gives the athlete a whole week to recover and will alleviate some of soreness that is inherent to the physical trauma delivered in football. Players are sore and tired after the game so begin the session with tempo runs between 60-75% of full speed. Skill players will perform tempo runs for 60-90 yards while line should stay between 20 and 50 yards. Rest 30-45 seconds between reps. The repetitions can vary from week to week anywhere from 8 to 12 reps. The first strength training session should be an upper body workout with moderate intensity and volume.


1A) Dumbbell Bench 3×12

1B) Banded Pullaparts 3×15

2A) Db Row 3×6 each arm

2B) Facepull 3×15 with a 3s iso hold

3A) Banded Tricep extensions 3×25

3B) Db hammer curls 3×10

4) 1:00 front, side, side planks x 3

The second session should be a full body strength workout. Again, the volume and intensity are much lower than the off-season. Players will stick around 60-80% for 2 or 3 sets of 2 or 3 reps on a lower and upper body core lift and perform 2 to 3 accessory exercises for each core lift.


1) Barbell Box Squat work up to 3×3 @ 70%

2) DB Step-ups 3×6 each leg

3) Banded Goodmornings 3×12

4) Foam roll press 3×3 @ 75%

5) Barbell Row 3×8

6) Iso hold W-Y-T 3x20s

7A) Banded Triceps 3x 1:00

7B) Banded Biceps 3×1:00

Within the two sessions make sure you are addressing specific weaknesses in the player. Players can perform extra sessions of active recovery and mobility throughout the week if they wish to train more often.

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