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There is a direct relationship between our behaviors & what motivates us. If something is more appealing, then you’re more motivated to go for it.But what does that really mean?
Think about what motivates you,WHERE DOES YOUR MOTIVATION COME FROM?|

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The first misconception with motivation is that it’s always supposed to be present.Feeling unmotivated to do something, you might lose track of the big picture.But it’s hard to be motivated ALL the time.

This is where the term should change from motivation to discipline.

Here is an example. Most of the time a person’s “motivation” to workout

might be one of the following:
Ø Physical Appearance
Ø Long-term Health
Ø Recovery
Ø Prevention

All can be good “motivators” but is wanting that beach body going to get you out of bed and make it a lifestyle?

The answer is NO. You know what it takes to get there but at 5:00 A.M. your alarm is going off, you work 8 hours/day, and have a friends birthday dinner you can’t miss. Which of these becomes a questionable task?
Work? NO X
Birthday Dinner? NO X
5:00 A.M. workout? YES!

Why is it that even when we know our end goal, it can be so difficult to stay motivated? Sometimes it’s not about what motivates you. There has to be something inside of you that is triggered to make a change.

I didn’t just wake up one day and think “I want to workout 5-6 days every week to be in the best shape of my life.”

But you know what happened?

I woke up one day & I just started going, everyday that I felt like I should. Everyday I woke up and didn’t make “skipping” an option. If you set a goal to workout everyday you make it a priority rather than it being a task. Whether I was

not feeling 100%
just not in the mood,

I showed up when I could.
You have to push through those negative feelings and barriers you’ve put up for yourself.

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Doing this allows you to be aware of the greater goal that you’re working towards & making the


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