The warm-up sets the tone for the entire workout. If done properly you can increase your athlete’s movement, performance, and strength. It is not something to speed through haphazardly but instead can be used to perform corrective exercises and eliminate weaknesses and dysfunction.

At Genesis we have long warm-ups, if I can see an athlete isn’t quite ready to move on to a full speed, power, or strength workout I will prolong the warm-up by increasing the mobility and activation drills.

The warm-up is the perfect opportunity to provide correctives to athletes with movement limitations, without having to take valuable time away from the training program.

So how do we structure warm-ups?

First we want to release and prepare so we begin with foam rolling, lacrosse ball smashing, and any type of self-myofascial release necessary.

After SMR, we will perform mobility drills and activation drills to develop deeper ranges of motion for the movement we are performing that day.

Next we will perform a quick core exercise to reset the core and provide activation to the entire body. When the body experiences stability through core exercises the extremities will begin to open up.

Now that we have primed the body to hit deeper ranges of motion we will begin performing fundamental movement patterns and rehearsing bodyweight movements similar to the strength training exercises that we will be performing that day.

After we have finished our movements we will perform a jump, throw, or sprint variation in order to prime the central nervous system for the workout. Performing an explosive exercise before a strength training exercise allows the athlete to access higher threshold motor units and has been shown to demonstrate an increase in strength.

Last we will start with a light weight on our exercise of the day and begin warming up to a target weight. This allows us to further rehearse the movement before reaching the working sets.

Example lower body warm up for squat workout:

1. Foam Roll- Quads, IT, Hamstring, Adductors, Glute Smash w/ Lacrosse ball.

2. Pidgeon Stretch, Banded Hip Flexor Stretch, Dorsiflexion w/ banded traction, world greatest, Bear squats, Cossack squats, KB hip prying.

3. Planks front, side, side, glute bridge.

4. Walking lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges, kb squat, oh squat with dowel, power skips, high knees, carioca.

5. Multi-directional reactive hurdle hops.

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