Unfortunately there is still a prevailing notion that strength training causes athletes to get muscle bound and stiff thus reducing their athletic performance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t understand how this myth can still possibly be alive but it is time to address it again.

Strength provides the foundation for all other athletic qualities. You can’t be weak and run fast, hit hard, throw far, and jump high. The best athletes are those that can perform the aforementioned qualities with ease. It is because they develop force quickly or have the ability to display great amount of power. Power is the product of force x velocity or strength x speed. You can’t have power without strength! Furthermore you can’t have speed without strength. The stronger you are in relation to your body weight the more force you will apply into the ground with each step, thus propelling you further and increasing your stride length. Stronger muscles create greater contractions. Stronger contractions = faster running, higher jumping, harder hitting, etc. I am just scratching the surface of sport performance training, however I wanted to emphasize the importance of strength without going to in depth. If you are an athlete, strength is your engine. There are plenty of other ways to soup it up, go faster, repair it, and perform maintenance. But you aren’t moving without an engine.

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