The older I get the more I read, research, and educate myself. One common recipe for success that I have discovered across all mediums of life is mastering the fundamentals.

When it comes to training you will see greater improvements by keeping it simple: squat, press, pull, jump, and sprint. It is so easy people often overlook the benefits and get caught up in the gimmicks and fads. Contrary to what you see on social media, you don’t have to hit your biceps from 8 different angles and perform isolated cable exercises to improve your strength and body composition. People create novel exercises with fancy names to trick you into believing they have created some groundbreaking training protocol that will automatically transform you into a physique model. The same people will sell you 6 week fat loss or muscle building plans. I have news for you. Nothing dramatic is going to be achieved in 6 weeks! Real transformation, real progress is achieved through countless hours of struggle and sacrifice, while mastering the hardest and most taxing exercises. These same principles can be applied to life.

Focus on mastering the basics in life and success and happiness will come. Wake up early, train hard, go to bed early, and eat healthy. Those four simple actions alone will create success. Furthermore be a genuine person, be honest, be direct, be reliable, care about what you do and care about the people around you. If you direct your focus on a few of the aforementioned tasks you will see dramatic increases in productivity and growth. It is easy to overthink and get in your head, I am guilty of it. Recently I have made the connection that the basics in life are the key to success just like the basics in training. I have been reading some of the works of Marcus Aurelius, and he perfectly summarizes that success be found in adhering to the fundamentals. As he puts it, “At every moment keep a sturdy mind on the task at hand…doing it with strict and simple dignity, affection, freedom, and justice. You can do this if you approach each task as if it is your last, giving up every distraction, emotional subversion of reason, and all drama, vanity, and complaint over your fair share. You can see how mastery over a few things makes it possible to live an abundant and devout life.”

Keep your training simple, adhere to your principles, don’t overthink, and master the basics. Remember loud, fancy, and extravagant never deliver. Follow these simple guidelines and start dominating your life.

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