Power is the single greatest physical characteristic of athletes. You have fast athletes and strong athletes but if you find an athlete that is both fast and strong he/she will be a difference maker in their sport.

Power can be represented as strength x speed in other words it is your ability to generate force quickly.

Power MUST be developed in the same plane as the sport. Power exercises should take on the same duration, intensity, and speed of movement as the sport. If you can develop power in movements similar to those performed on the field you will increase performance potential.

So how do I develop power?

There are 5 ways:

First you must create a strong core that is able to absorb impact, stabilize, and transfer forces throughout the entire kinetic chain.

Next power is created through plyometrics, Olympic lifts, ballistics, and contrast training.

A strength coach must be prudent when programming power drills as they are extremely CNS intensive. Proper work/rest intervals are vital. The movement must be performed as fast and explosively as possible. If the athlete does not have full recovery and is fatigued, the training becomes useless at developing power and is essentially conditioning.

In novice athletes power can be developed simply by an improvement in strength. Any increase in maximal strength will increase a beginner’s ability to generate more force and display power. This is important as many trainers will attempt to throw advanced power training techniques at a novice that cannot even squat his or her own bodyweight. Begin by developing strength in simple compound movements and then gradually progress the athlete to advanced power training ie, accommodating resistance, depth jumps, etc.

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-Graham Wilkerson

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