There are only two ways to make someone faster. 1) Increase their stride length. 2) Increase their stride frequency. In prepubescent athletes, stride frequency is usually the indicator of how fast the athlete is. Stride frequency is most trainable before puberty.

In postpubescent athletes, stride length becomes the greatest indicator for speed. The athlete that takes the fewest steps will be the fastest in a race. Great news, stride length is very trainable and easy to improve at any age.

So how do I increase my stride length? 2 things must be achieved to improve stride length. Relative strength must be increased as well as flexibility.

Relative strength is your strength in relation to your body weight. The stronger you are in relation to your body weight the more force you can apply into the ground with each foot strike, propelling you further, thus increasing stride length.

Increasing flexibility in the hips and legs will allow you to fully extend at the hip, knee, and ankle when accelerating. Once you are unrestricted in your ability to finish each stride and propel yourself further then you will become faster.

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-Graham Wilkerson

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